• “Year of the OX” Buffet
    “Year of the OX” Buffet
    Let’s celebrate the “Year of the OX” with our real treat of Chinese New Year Buffet at Sonata from 9 - 14 February 2021. An array of traditional fortunate festive delicacies are well attrib...
  • Chinese New Year Takeaway Gourmet Combo
    Chinese New Year Takeaway Gourmet Combo
    Sonata Western Restaurant is gladly introduces its Takeaway Gourmet Combo during the Lunar New Year. The special menu includes a number of fortunate and festive Chinese New Year dishes for family gath...
  • Sonata Set Lunch Promotion
    Sonata Set Lunch Promotion
    The Set Lunch at Sonata Western Restaurant is featuring international specialty cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Our newly take away service and extended serving hours are well d...
  • Sonata All Day Breakfast Promotion
    Sonata All Day Breakfast Promotion
    Try to indulgent yourself by enjoying the laid-back breakfast after a good night’s sleep. From sunny side up to bacon or ham on top of a sip of aroma coffee, the All-day breakfast at Sonata will trul...
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